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For the 2018-2019 school year, we have switched to using the WLMOJ judge for all MCPT related content. This is an archive of our old website and will not be updated.

About MCPT

Mackenzie Computer Programming Team, affectionately known as MCPT, is a group of dedicated individuals focused on furthering their computer science knowledge and competing in programming competitions. The team consists of 4 branches — Game development, Co-ed, Competitive, and Girls — with each branch meeting once a week to learn and train. MCPT students are interested in learning beyond their course material, building their critical thinking skills and being persistent towards improvement. These students compete in various special events, as well as 5 ranked on-site programming contests each year. MCPT hopes to open these competitions to other schools for the upcoming cycle.

Meet the Execs


Lev Raizman

Being president of CPT has been my goal since I joined the club in grade 9. Over the last three years, I have seen how much people benefit from this club, and am hoping to provide the same experience to members this year. When it comes to programming, I personally prefer practical applications over competitive ones. Of course, the club is focused on competitive programming. Aside from programming, I also enjoy math and chess, as well as debate (you can also find me in all those clubs).

Richard Yi

Whether it is learning or teaching at CPT, I enjoy competitive programming. My notable achievements include cheesing the 5-point subtask in CCC18S5 and not choking at ECOO18R1.

Chloe Nguyen

Over the past 3 years, CPT has not only provided me with knowledge but also strengthened my passion for programming. Both fun and engaging, the club offers a wonderful environment for those interested in computer science.

Angela Wang

The first time I touched programming was in Grade 9, and honestly, the whole idea of coding intimated me especially the endless symbols and phrases that seemed nonsensical at the time. Now that I’ve been exploring the field of CS for a few years both in and out of school, the seemingly mysterious world of programming was actually the greatest discovery I made. No, it isn’t scary, rather intriguing. It’s a process of creative problem solving and logical thinking, something that sucks your mind into the CS world and introduces you to the many doors that lie ahead. So my advice to MCPT’s future members, whether you’re curious about, struggling with, or have mastered computer programming, we have a place for you. MCPT helped me in grade 9 and will surely help you too. All you need to do is step through the door. Rm 222 ;)


Yi Deng

Ever since I attended my first CPT meeting, I knew competitive programming was for me. Doing JDCC has been one of my favorite high school experiences and I cant wait for JDCC this year. I hope we can get better at competitive programming and be one of the best schools for programmers this year!

Jeffrey Gao

I’m a grade 12 student who’s passionate about computer science, I do competitive programming but also like neat maintainable code which don’t always go well together. Somehow I can choke on a camera watching a robot but can also randomly guess how many balanced trees and have it work..

Emily Hu

I’ve learned so much about programming (and how to pass my ICS courses) from CPT since joining in grade 9. I’ve met some great friends through this club and I hope you will too! I’m honored to be a part of the executive team. Let’s make this year better than ever!

Matthew Mach

I’ve always been interested in programming. When I was offered a chance to create problems as an executive of MCPT, I jumped at the opportunity. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy writing computer science problems as I normally do math. But as I continued, I enjoyed the different aspects of computer contest. And the more I enjoyed it, the more I wanted to do for the club. So, I decided to apply for the head of problem development and got in. I’m looking forward to creating more fun and interesting problems for Mackenzie!

Andy Pham

I’m an avid reader, a horrible gamer, and an absolute geek - who just so happens to enjoy coding! After Grade 9 ICS2O, I realized I enjoyed teaching other students through exploring new perspectives and ideas about what code can do. With my friends Dereck and Derek, I started the Game Dev branch last year and look forward to continuing it this year. Happy coding!

Tina Sokhanvar

I enjoy reading and playing sports and I am always looking for new things to learn and improve on. Through programming competitions hosted by MCPT I was able to realize my love for problem solving. Each challenge is like a puzzle and it’s so satisfying to finish a problem.

Yuan Yang

Hey, I’m Yuan and I’m the head of girls junior. I have been in CPT since grade 9 and had a great time in it. In my free time, I code, art and read. Programming is the most inspiring and rewarding experience for me. That’s why I want to share this joy with you, by helping you in your studies. I hope one day we’ll have free breakfast at Google together.

Derek Zhang

Through MCPT, I have been connected with so many amazing programmers who are just as passionate as I am. I have learned so much just by being around like-minded students who see the beauty in programming, beyond the depths of ICS. The monthly contests that MCPT hosts also introduced me to competitive programming, a face of computer science I would have never discovered without MCPT.

Evan Zhang

Programming has always been one of my favorite hobbies to do. I started coding competitively in grade 9 thinking it was a hobby, but only 1 year later, I placed tenth in the country for programming. Programming has always brought joy in my life, and I hope that I can get better at it in the future. I hope to see you all in the competitive branch of CPT!

Hannah Zhu

Loves eating, sleeping and rock climbing. Is technologically impaired. Can not write a bio to save her life.